Monthly Crystal Subscription Box

"The subscription box that's good for your soul".

Indigo Vibes Creation Kit is our monthly crystal based subscription box designed to help you create a life full of joy, purpose, success, and freedom through the use of crystals, affirmations, activities, and other high vibe surprises!

Each month follows a different theme or lesson around the Law of Attraction to help you make your dreams a reality. Your box will always include a cleansed and reiki infused crystal, a candle, an affirmation for the month, a mindfulness activity, and more high vibe surprises! 

Boxes are mailed out the first week of the month. Order by the 20th to receive next month's box. Ex: Order May 20th, receive June's box (mailed out between June 1-7). Order May 21st, receive July's box (mailed out between July 1-7) Just $44 per month!  

*Shipping only within the Continental US 

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Examples Of Items That Come Inside Your Creation Kit:


Each kit will include a crystal that has been cleansed from different natural water sources (if appropriate) from around the world and infused with Reiki energy by me specifically with you in mind. Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their energetic benefits that reach seemingly all aspects of your life.


Each kit will include a new candle to help you keep focus, meditate, and stay high vibe.


You will receive a new activity each month to bring you closer to your desires! Each activity will go along with the month's theme- It might be ways to instantly raise your vibes, goal setting worksheets, designing your own affirmations, vision exercises, etc! 


Affirmations are powerful ways to train your brain. Get a new affirmation each month to help you on your manifestation journey.


It might be bath salts, essential oils, metaphysical book,jewelry...who knows? It's a surprise! But you can bet it will be something to keep your vibe high and in manifestation mode!

Coaching and Support

With each box, you also get me! I honestly care about each and every one of you. I know what it's like to be in a place in your life that feels so far from where you want to be. I know what it's like for people to make fun of your dreams or tell you to be realistic and that they can't happen. With your subscription, you get me. Not only do I give you affirmations and activities to do throughout the month in your kit, but I welcome your emails. As I said, I care about each and every one of you. I will be your cheerleader when everyone else is telling you how it's not possible. I'll tell you that it IS possible, that you CAN do it, and I'll be there to congratulate you WHEN you do it! I honestly believe in your dreams...I don't have to even know what they are right now, to know that they can be a reality for you. Now, do YOU believe in your dreams??


Bring a little joy to your mailbox!


per month, cancel any time.

Includes Shipping! (We only ship within the Continental USA)

*Must order by the 20th of current month to receive next month's box.

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Just Want To Build Your Crystal Collection?  

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(Continental US shipping only)